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BW Building Generational IQ




BlessingWhite’s Building Generational IQ workshop is aimed at preparing business professionals to better understand the concept of Generational IQ, and demonstrating how it can be applied for more effective work in a multi-generational workforce. TKG’s expert trainers will show participants how to distinguish the work expectations and preferences of the five generations currently found in the workplace.


Key benefits of the course:

  • Understand the principles of generational IQ and how it impacts on your staff, your customers, and on society at large
  • Develop greater awareness of personal preconceptions and biases
  • Intensive workshop sessions with short bursts of learning, alternating with in-depth analysis of your challenges, and applied learning


TKG is the exclusive partner of BlessingWhite in the MENA region and is able to tailor the programme to the specific needs of the regional market.


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