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BlessingWhite’s Leader in 2025 programme is based on the best-selling book ‘The 2020 Workplace’ and the ongoing work of author and futurist Jeanne Meister. During this focused programme, leaders will focus on the most critical mega-trends currently affecting the future requirements of tomorrow’s workplaces. Participants will consider aspects such as the presence of multiple generations of employees in a workplace, the rise of social media as a leadership tool, and the use of social learning & gamification.

Key benefits of the course:
  • Targeted at senior executives seeking to better prepare themselves for the demands of the future workplace
  • Focuses on critical megatrends impacting on Human Resources
  • Useful for high-potential candidates set to take on leadership in next decade


TKG is the exclusive partner of BlessingWhite in the MENA region and is able to tailor the programme to the needs of the regional market.


The Leader in 2025 can be delivered as-is, or customized to the needs and specific challenges of your industry and organization. The Leader in 2025 can also be woven into other curriculum or leadership development efforts.



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