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The Leading Out Loud programme from BlessingWhite helps leaders to focus their team’s energy and to sustain morale through volatile business cycles to achieve lasting results. Now a key part of the Presidential Leadership Scholars Programme, participants will gain a new understanding of how they can better integrate their personal convictions with business priorities, and how they can inspire others to action in creating positive changes. The programme also explains how to earn greater trust and commitment from employees, customers and colleagues, and how to motivate people in group situations and one-on-one.


Key benefits of the course:

  • Bolster trust and commitment from employees, colleagues and customers
  • Learn new skills to inspire others to action
  • Gain awareness of how to create an open working environment for your organisation


TKG is the exclusive partner of BlessingWhite in the MENA region and is able to tailor the programme to the needs of the regional market.



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