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BW Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?




The BlessingWhite Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? programme is targeted at leaders of all levels and aims to provide them with an opportunity to challenge themselves – to embrace the huge challenge of leading others to exceptional performance and delivering exceptional business results. The course is grounded in the research and thought leadership of professors Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, authors of the best-selling Harvard Business School article and book of the same name. Participants will be asked to identify a current leadership challenge they are facing, and then will be encouraged to re-evaluate their approach to leadership using a CASE framework.


Key benefits of the course:

  • Leaders will be able to assess needs of employees and modify leadership approach appropriately.
  • Deploy personal values, strengths and even weaknesses to maximise effectiveness as a leader
  • Build a thriving community of engaged team members

TKG is the exclusive partner of BlessingWhite in the MENA region and is able to tailor the programme to the needs of the regional market.



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