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Employee Engagement




Employee engagement might sound soft, but it isn’t. There is a growing body of research that connects the dots between having engaged employees and the performance of every organisation. Engaged employees are more productive and contribute to a positive work environment. They are more committed to an organisation’s customers, and they also have lower rates of absenteeism and higher rates of retention. Engagement therefore represents an untapped opportunity to impact the performance of many organisations. The more engaged an organisation’s workforce, the more capacity they have to deliver the results an organisation needs.


ADUKG uses a multi-faceted approach in each of our successful employee engagement initiatives. These include adopting and communicating a practical working definition of employee engagement; demonstrating the senior management team’s commitment – in deeds and words – to building a culture of engagement; developing a well-planned organisational cascade strategy; and establishing roles for executives, managers and individuals in making the engagement of each employee a daily priority.


Key benefits:

  • Engaged employees have positive impact on organisational performance
  • Measuring engagement provides opportunity to develop engagement strategies
  • Lower absenteeism and higher retention of workforce