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Teacher Training




ADUKG offers a range of cutting-edge training programmes to supplement and expand the skills of new and experienced teachers. With programmes from leading organisations such as the United States’ Kagan Cooperative Learning, these programmes can add crucial new experience and competencies to take your teaching to another level.


Kagan Cooperative Learning


Kagan Structures are built around the central idea of cooperative learning. Through it, they are able to increase academic achievement, improve ethnic relations, enhance self-esteem, create a more harmonious classroom environment, and reduce discipline problems, while developing students’ social skills and character traits. They do all of this through maximising engagement.



Key benefits:

  • Engaged student
  • Greater classroom interaction & more of the curriculum learned
  • Richer, more interactive learning environment
  • Raise performance across the full ability range


ADUKG’s Kagan experts are on hand to help your educators truly benefit from this revolutionary approach to teaching, helping engage every student in a dynamic and engaging classroom environment. After all, it’s all about engagement!